Friday, March 6, 2015

The Spring Knitting and Stitching Show

Have you ever tried to casually take a the public...outdoors...but inconspicuously.  I did.  I failed.
How embarrassing.  Excuse the pouty face.   This is me in front of the lovely sign for The Spring Knitting and Stitching Show which I traveled into London for (sigh, I still am not over my anxiety about going to London, I am such a small town girl).  I won the tickets through a competition on Scruffy Badger Time's blog (THANK YOU AGAIN!).  The day was SUCH a blast.  I messaged my good friend H to come along with me (my crafty friends are mostly based in Canada, but I knew H was the ideal gal to come along).

She is such a card!

Anyway, because we are such keen beans, we arrived at 10am so that we could go sign up for some workshops!  YAA LEARNING.  We signed up to two different ones, the sew your own lacy knickers workshop, and the sew a child's pinafore workshop.  I think we are in agreement when we say the Lacy Knicker workshop was our favourite.  We got to measure our hips, cut the pattern, cut the lace, cut the "gusset" (aka crotch) out of nice cotton jersey, and then motor on with our sewing.  The sewing machine wasn't too fancy so I got along just fine.  It was H's FIRST TIME EVER sewing something.  I was so proud of her.  And she was so chuffed with the outcome.  It took us a speedy little half hour to make it.

I also learned how to finish the edges using this fancy foot on a machine - and I know my machine has that foot.  

I also really want to start making my own undergarments.  A great way of keeping my sewing happening, but without bursting the seams of my closet!

So here are my pair of beautiful lacy knickers.  They are super duper cute.

And here's H & I being super dorks, and wearing our finished pants on our head.

We had a little bit of time to wander and gather in some of the different stalls.  So many stalls.  It was brain overload.  I did well out of the day, and didn't break the bank.  I subscribed for a new sewing magazine (to the joy of my husband), and purchased a bobbin storage container, and that is it!  The rest of the items I gathered were free gifts from the day.  I got a tote (from that magazine subscription), I made a little "leather" "feather" necklace (it is destined for a child to be in her dress up box, as we quickly got bored of this).  I also partially started crocheting a picture frame.

This was supposed to be an "in-show" craft you could do sitting at the booth.  Alas, it was missing the cardboard ring I am currently crafting around.  You needed a compass to make one (WHO seriously still owns a compass and a protractor these days, I know I certainly don't), so I just guessed and cut out my own ring.  Also - that took me a little while to start, so I am not entirely sure how anyone would want to sit at the booth and make it.  It was effort.

After lunch we partook in a quick class on how to make a child's pinafore dress.  Although I managed to finish my dress in the allotted time, this wasn't my absolute favourite class.  The machines we were using were SUPER fancy and SUPER digital.  But with no instruction manual.  So there were times where I just had to stop and wait for the instructor to tell me how to switch the stitches, or adjust the length of the stitch or adjust where the needle is.  I think because we were sat nearer to the rear of the class, and some of the newer keener beans were upfront, we got less attention.  As she spent a lot of time upfront hand-holding others, and so we got a little neglected.  Once I had some of the things figured out I was okay.  But H struggled, and I had to quickly finish her Hem for her.  I think because we spent so much time waiting on instruction on how to USE the machines, we really struggled.  Had we had more instruction on the machines, I'm confident H would have been able to finish her dress by herself, and would have felt less stressed about it.  

It was a downer, only because she felt so enthusiastic about sewing after the knicker session, but after the pinafore session she felt a little intimidated about sewing.  A real shame.

We decided to look around the stalls one last time before we left, as there was really just SO many things to look at.  

My friend C bought me a knitted taxidermy book for Christmas/My Birthday (pictured below) and I was thrilled to see the stall for it there too.  I haven't made anything from the book, as I really have no place to put a giant mounted moose head in my flat, but it was super fun to see them in real life.

There was also a knitted farm competition, which was super cute.

 And then they had this super cute, super fun Crochet Jungle.  There were tonnes of little monkeys hanging down from the vines.  And they were teaching people how to crochet on the chairs.  H sat down for a minute to try to learn, but it was a bit foreign for a left-hander.  She thinks she's going to stick to knitting and learning to sew for now.

I'm going to try to make a blazer this weekend (or maybe a new dress from one of my two new patterns).  We shall see!  Our landlords are selling our flat, and there's an open house on Saturday, so we are getting booted for part of the day, which tends to eat into my crafting time.  Boo.


p.s. Did anyone see The GBSB?!  I was so gutted to see the two people leaving again!  Ugh, I am getting attached to these little amateur sewers!  

p.p.s. It was so much fun going to a craft event, crafting all day, and then coming home to watch a crafting show...aaaaaaaamazing.


  1. Wow this is crazy I just found your blog today super randomly and I actually went to the same show yesterday!! We probably passed each other at some point! AND I won my tickets from scruffy badger too!!!

    1. That is totally random! How did you find it? Did you do any of the workshops there?

    2. No I didn't! Seriously regret it now especially after reading your write up, my friend and I even spoke about making pants whilst we were there! I didnt know what to expect and overall I didn't enjoy it as much as I expected to but it was fun for the most part!
      Have you been to anything similar before?

    3. You definitely should have signed up! I think it totally made the day worth the experience. I even learned a little bit with the small things I did make!

      I haven't been to anything else like this - but I do want to go again - if for nothing other than to sign up for more workshops! Its good to get a small bit of tuition on these things (aside from the lovely blogs I read)!