Thursday, February 26, 2015

GBSB Week 3

Have you ever been so excited and engrossed in a project you basically forget to take pictures of it!

Well.  I was just that person.

I have made, ohhhh maybe 75% of what I said I would for the GBSB Challenge I've set myself.

I made a lovely blouse.  I did.  In a fancy slippery (but seriously soft) fabric.

If you could wear it, you would never want to take it off.

Sheer fabrics equal ultimate comfort.

Ultimate comfort, less easy to sew.

So, I made a blouse over the weekend.  I made the Mimi Blouse out of the book Love at First Stitch as it was a lovely blouse pattern that I had enough fabric for.

As a side note, I know I bang on about that book in half my posts, but you should know, its clearly not just me that thinks its amazing, it won the best Sewing Book in the British Sewing Awards 2014.  So...just sayin'

Anyway, I traced out the pattern on my new super transparent tracing paper (which was great), and then cut that out, then cut out the fabric.  All this cutting is quite the process.  I did it in my living room in front of some old cheesy chick flicks (She's All That or something).

After it was all successfully cut out, I went to bed (I managed that after work on Friday) with the hopes that Saturday I would be a diligent little sewer and sew it all up.

I did start off that way - I woke up at a decent time (8:30am, you should be proud), and had a cuppa tea and started the sewing adventure of flimsy floppy fabric.

It was going really well, although slow,  and I managed to get quite a lot done.  There is a lot of stay stitching, and then some gathering on the front body pieces, and the back piece, and the arm shoulders.  I love a little gathering.  Just a few pieces make the blouse look so sweet.

And then Husband came home.  And Husband needed to go into town to exchange a birthday gift he was given and he also wanted some food.  So I put down the sewing to head into town to help him exchange and then eat a delicious pizza from Pizza Express.  I also made Husband come with me to get some fabric (and dress pattern, because I did say I would try to make a dress AND a blouse over the weekend).  By the time we got home Husband was sleepy (he was up at 5:30am for work, as he does shifts) and wanted a nap on the couch.  Which means I can't sew on the machine as its right beside the couch.  So I let him nap and I went and binge watched some more netflix.  My 30 day trial period has turned into a subscription, as I can't stop!

I managed to stop and take a picture of the mess I made......and you can see my yarn stash trying to break free of its confines in the cupboard there...

Here it is (mostly) done.  I just needed to hem the bottom

And a lovely shot of me wearing it AFTER a full day of work.  I got a few compliments (although this is the usual now that the entire office knows I wear a me-made garment every Monday, and usually the garment that I've sewn the weekend).

It was comfy.  So soft.  I would make everything out of this flowy type fabric, but it takes longer to sew.

And because Husband took a nap, I didn't finish the shirt until Sunday afternoon, which left me with no time to make the dress.


I did purchase a pattern for a dress, and I have also been good and putting it together slowly over the course of this week.  Here's what I've done so far.

Here is the pattern.  It's a McCall's 7081.  Doesn't it make you want to own a blue gingham dress?  It makes me want to own a blue gingham dress.  I'm less keen on the pinked stripe dress they've used....

Took a photo of my crumpled measuring tape.  You would think, that  by now, I would know my measurements off by heart. I measured up

Compared to the packet

Looked at the fabric requirements (I actually already had my fabric, but I still looked anyway)..I guessed and bought enough fabric for up to a "size 12" so...I was going to be fine

That is the style of dress I want....find me some dark blue gingham please!  (I have green polka dots for my version)

Out comes the tissue paper!

And my tracing tools

And traced out all my pattern pieces.  I can't bear to cut into the tissue paper.  I just can't.  I am sure this will pay off in the future.  

I should also say, I have now also cut out the majority of the pieces.  I just need to cut out the skirt.  But I messed up the placement of the pattern pieces (boohoo), and I'm not sure I have enough fabric to cut the skirt pieces out.  BUT, I may be able to salvage this.  And I'll tell you why.  I'm a pipsqueak.  I got short little legs.  So, typically unless I buy a petite pattern I have to shorten hems, and shorten lengths.  So I am going to see how long the skirt pieces actually are, and then possibly shorten them so that they are an okay length.  

Keep you fingers crossed for me.

GBSB is on again tonight.  I can't wait to see what they are making this week.

I have my eye on a new pattern (its a jacket), and I purchased the pattern (I have an addiction okay).  And I purchased the fabric.  Lookit.  Oooohhh and Ahhhhh with the prettiness.  

I got a nice light blue lining fabric too.

This is gonna be super cute with any spring outfit no?

What is on your wishlist to make?



  1. I have a lot of missed post opportunities because of that! At least you didn't totally forget though. Nice outcome none the less.

    1. Thank you! I find its hard to stop to take pictures, I need to slow down and do it more often though. To be fair, its the same in everyday life, I need to slow down and smell (take pictures of) the flowers!